Enjoy the first line of Puerto Banús
with dishes straight from the sea


Our cuisine

There is no better way to enjoy the seaside in the port than with dishes straight from the sea.

The maritime cuisine comes together at the table of la Marina with the best fish and seafood from the fish market in Marbella.

As starters we recommend the typical fried fish of Malaga, Galician octopus or fresh oysters.

To follow, lobsters, morays, grilled seafood or baked turbot.

Also, in La Marina we offer different paellas and rice dishes, such as creamy rice with lobster, plus a selection of salads, pastas, pizzas, meats and desserts.

Taste of the sea

Mediterranean fish and seafood, paella and rice dishes with the most authentic flavor, are some of the specialties of La Marina. We prepare each of our dishes with great care, from quality ingredients to elegant cuisine, to perfect presentation.

Lobsters, morays, carabinero prawns… The taste of the sea is impregnated in our kitchen and menu with a wide selection of seafood for all tastes.


International tastes

From fresh pasta mixed with seafood or filled until a skewer or a succulent tenderloin stroganoff. All this and more can be enjoyed at La Marina. Because we want to make sure whatever is yor preference you find a plate of top quality.